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home cinema

Home Cinema

In today’s world where almost anything is possible, choosing the right solution for your home can be a minefield.

We offer you all the options for a better watching  experience, whether it be in a dedicated cinema room with a 150” screen,  a surround sound system,  a 3D projector and seating of your choice or a living space solution where we can bring the cinema experience to your living room.

At AbsoluteSV we bring you a solution to suit your space and within your budget. We are here to help with over 15 years of experience; we aim to help you find what’s right for you.

We work with architects, design consultants, property developers and individual clients to seamlessly integrate the very best technology into homes throughout London and the rest of the UK; we have a reputation for delivering on our promises.

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Multi Room Distribution

Music systems that allow you to listen to music in any room of your home, you can also watch all of your high definition video on each of your TV’s.

We can design a music system which will allow each member of your family to browse, select and listen to music of their choice in every room. We have many different solutions for listening to your music wherever it is stored; whether it be CD’s, iTunes a hard drive or internet services like Spotify or Napster. This system can be integrated into a wider home system with controls for heating, lighting, security and HD video. In fact you can automate and centralise almost anything in the home. 

With the same concept in mind we can build a multi room HD video system which will allow you to access and watch all of your video options linking to multiple Sky boxes, CCTV, DVD library, PC’s and games consoles. With an integrated HD video system all equipment can be centrally located in one AV rack which in turn distributes out to every TV screen in the house. Using one remote control in each room means that you can select and watch any video source in any room simply at the touch of a button.

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CCTV & Security

Providing peace of mind by way of CCTV and entry phone systems we can help protect your home.Whether it be CCTV or gate and door access control we can give you bespoke solutions for your security. All of this to integrate with your burglar alarm to provide simplicity. 

We can install CCTV cameras internally and externally along with a recording system which can then be viewed by you on a TV screen, an iPad or an iPhone.  We can also provide internal intercoms.

Our door and gate entry systems are discreet and effective and can also be integrated in to your home automation system enabling you to have one controller for everything. We can even set up remote access. 

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Lighting can transform your home.  Using the correct light fittings and layouts can give you the option to light your house according to different moods and enhance your living space.

Lighting control can be installed throughout your home or as single room lighting whether in a bedroom, living room or cinema room. Using an intelligent lighting system such as Lutron or Rako means that you have intelligent lighting at the touch of a button. Again, this can all be accessed via one simple pre-programmed universal remote control or from easy to use wall mounted switches.

Whole house lighting control incorporates all that you get from single room lighting but taking things a step further; controlling all the lighting in all your rooms from one central remote. Lighting control is essential in every house whether it be a simple light switch or a multi-level lighting control system. We will help you to design your lighting system and integrate all lighting switches and dimmers into one intelligent system. Lighting systems can bring your home to life when you are away, can set the mood automatically upon you entering your home and save electricity when you step out unexpectedly.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is extremely convenient with hand held system controllers. We can design, sell, and install lighting control systems into any room and we can design to any budget. These simple systems are purposefully economic, yet robust enough for large size homes.

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Wi-Fi & Data

A reliable network is the cornerstone of any installation, providing a fast and secure network for your internet and telephones.

With the introduction of smart TV’s and streaming content such as Netflix and Spotify, running the correct cables in the correct manner can ensure that the system runs quickly and smoothly and is future-proofed

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